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Crew Management

ASMPI is a duly registered Recruitment and Placement Service Provider. The company handles the recruitment ensuring that the principals' requirements has been met and responsible for the timely deployment and proper rotation of the crew. We also handles application with the Unions as part of compliance with the ILO/MLC 2006. Payment of the crew is also being handled by the company.

Career Development Program

Our Career Development Plan was developed especially for the Cadets that are starting point of their career at the sea and also for officers holding higher license and has accumulated sea service in line with the company requirement and ship owners.

Cadetship Program

Cadetship Program was developed to enhance and improve the level of competency and skill of cadets in order to attain the standard of performance set by I.M.A. Assessment & Training Center, Inc.

Roster Program

To provide due consideration to the seafarers who have shown loyalty of service within the fleet with a good level of competency and professionalism. Benefits: A. Health Insurance B. Domestic Ticket (For roster senior officers) C. Hotel Accommodation (For roster senior officers) D. Sponsorship of Training (For all crew in the roster) E. Promotion (For crew with higher license provided that they meet the standard matrix of the company) F. Priority for vessel assignment (For crew all crew in the roster) G. Payment of ticket for joining wife of the crew (For roster senior officers) H. Recreational Facilities

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